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At the heart of Skua Marine’s objectives is the development of novel methods and equipment for offshore operations to reduce risk and optimise commercial offshore operations.  Many processes in practice today have been well-honed over many years, however some simply do not work and lead to unacceptable failure and accidents.  Existing and new markets need to take what is best from other areas and develop it to suit the application, or come up with something new to make a step change in the approach. New technology emerging throughout the industry can be used to great effect in numerous applications. 

Great engineering to optimise outcomes is all about creative problem-solving.

Skua Marine is ready to take on these challenges. 

  • Focussed on reducing risk, reducing cost and maximising success
  • Development of the best parts of industry
  • Novel installation methods
  • Streamlined project planning and risk management
  • Challenging the status quo